What We Do

What We Do

Hydronic floor Heating

Hydronic radiant floor heating systems provide healthy efficient heating through out. Our systems are installed within Concrete Slabs, Polished Concrete, Tiled and Timber flooring areas and even Walls. Our floor heating systems can also be retro fitted to some projects.

Radiant panel heating

Wood Boiler- Blayney

Radiant Panel Heating offers beautiful radiant heating and allows for some additional flexibility in the design process or projects where floor heating may not be suitable.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems

Geothermal ground heat exchange systems offer high performance and superior comfort heating and cooling supplied through both Ducted Air and Radiant floor heating, The main principles of geothermal systems are utilising the solar energy stored within the earth for heating in Winter and heat rejection in Summer. Ground Source water to water and water to air heat pumps work to use the earth’s temperature to provide the heated or chilled water or air.

Solar thermal

Progressive Solar thermal systems enable solar energy to contribute free energy to the heating system via preheating and assisting the main energy supply source, with our years of experience in this area we understand the design requirements to achieve maximum input from the investment in the Solar thermal input

Natural gas Condensing Boiler systems

Condensing Gas Boilers offer the most efficient use of the gas supply being used for any hydronicbased heating system. Generally working at a high 95% plus efficiency rating, these systems ensure that minimal energy is wasted through the flue gases.

Hydronic Heat pumps systems

Air to water heat pumps offer an excellent alternative to Gas systems. These units work on the same principles of an air-conditioner except the exchange of energy is Air to water not air to air. Heat pump performance is measured in Coefficient of Performance COP with most units operating at around 3 to 4 COP which equals 1KW input to unit with a return of 3 to 4KW into your heating system. Heat pumps are able to supply heated and chilled water best suited to Floor heating, Pool heating and Fan coil systems.

Wood Boiler / Bio mass Systems

Wood boiler - Berry

Using wood for fuel provides one of the most environmentally-friendly heating systems and can significantly reduce heating costs. Progressive Energy Systems offer Wood log Boiler systems covering Basic wood boilers to our most advanced Gasification wood boilers providing the highest level of efficiency and lowest emissions available with a range of Kw output range to cover any application both Domestic and Commercial.

Low energy natural air cooling systems

AWADUCT Ground air exchange system provides a passive cooling contribution to reduce the building energy’s requirements. An in-ground pipe work system developed with a antimicrobial inner layer works to provide pre-cooled air drawn in through the underground pipe system and into the building. AWADUCT can be used to assist the mechanical cooling system reducing the energy consumption in both Summer and Winter.
Following our ethos of well-designed buildings, an AWADUCT system can provide the cooling requirements of a well-designed and built building.

System Servicing

To ensure all systems are working to their best servicing is recommended at least annually on standard heating and bi annually for other systems that may be providing Hot water and pool heating with various heat sources

Please Contact to arrange Servicing